About us

We are a non-profit organisation that has been working in the space of Policy Implementation in Maharashtra since 2017.

Tapasya Pratishthan’s low-cost, high-stake policy implementation campaigns nurture existing leadership within the community and Partner Organizations. This network organizes existing resources within governments and civil society to achieve our mission across Maharashtra


We are a policy implementation organization doing the necessary tasks to see that policies designed to transform the social fabric of Maharashtra are fully realized.

We are a self titled ‘do-tank’ !

- Tapas Sutradhar, CEO & Co-Founder
- Mrinal Rao, COO & Co-Founder
- Firdous Siddique, Admin Associate
- Priyanka Nishad, Community Associate
- Suvartha Bomma, Community Associate
- Prashant Kapadi, Communication Associate
- Bharat Dattatray Amalkar- Businessman (President)
- Mughdha Anil Rao- Retd lecturer ( Vice-President)
- Anil Govind Rao- Retd Principal & Lecturer ( Secretary)
- Ameye Rajiv Dhere- CA (Asst. Secretary)- CA
- Subhash Bhagwan Dhere- CA (Tresurer)- CA
- Sukhada Ameye Dhere- CA (Member)- CA
- Abdul Kadir Nasir Hussain- Lecturer (Member)- CA
- Kritika Sanghani, Indus Action
- Manmath Goel, Dasra
- Madhukar Banuri, Leadership for Equity

Our core actions define how we conduct ourselves in any scenario


… to all with an open and curious mind. It can be about the small act of pausing long enough to listen deeply to the other person.


… with purpose, courage and commitment. It can be about the small act of taking risks to act in the face of uncertainty.


… and innovate to grow. It can be about the small act of changing one’s own frame of looking at a difficult situation.